May. 19th, 2008

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One in a series of posts I've been meaning to make for a while; therefore a bit out of date, but!

Spring sneaks up on you in Hokkaido.

This may in fact be a necessary strategy. Winter is large and in charge up here, resting easy on five feet of snow instead of its laurels, and I doubt it's easy to dislodge after it's been settled in for nearly six months. Spring's been biding its time since the first sprinkles of snow fell last November, waiting for the right moment to make its move, and it would be suicidal to introduce itself with a fanfare of showering cherry blossoms and muggy weather.

That kind of confidence belongs in the warmer climes where spring and autumn reign supreme. The north of Japan is winter's turf, and spring is reduced to ninja'ing around the edges, making subtle inroads, destabilizing that frosty grip on the land one finger at a time, until the day comes when winter will wake up and realize its retainers' throats are slit, its castle is burning, and spring is hanging from the chamber ceiling with a black kodachi blade and a grin gripped together in its teeth...

...hang on. I think that metaphor may have gotten slightly away from me.

Anyway, my point is that spring is hard to track here. )


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