Feb. 21st, 2008

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On Tuesday (my birthday), I received the following series of text messages from my supervisor:

Miss Kakizaki: Happy Birthday Arijan
Me: Thank you very much!
Miss Kakizaki: 今日、学校から帰る時、教育委員会の事務所に来て下さい。(Today, when you come home from school, please come by the offices of the Board of Education.)
Me: わかりました。水道管はまた問題がありますか?(Understood. Is there another problem with the water pipes?)
Miss Kakizaki: 水道管ではありません。お風呂の水は流れていますか?事務所に梶田さんか鎌田さんがいます。(It isn't the water pipes. Is the water in your bathtub flowing? Mr. Kajita and Mr. Kamada are at the office.)
Me: いや、ぜんぜん大丈夫です。公民館に来てと言ったからたぶん問題があると思った、前の直した時に今週もう一回チェックするつもりと言ったから。:)(Oh, no, it's just fine. I thought since you said to come to the community center there might be a problem, since you said you'd be checking it one more time this week when it got fixed the other day.)
Miss Kakizaki: たぶん今日はチェックしません。別な用事です。忘れないで来て下さいね。(We probably won't check it today. It's about something else. Please don't forget to come, okay?)

I was slightly apprehensive, unsurprisingly I think. The thing with my water pipes has made me a bit jumpy about my home-stewardship skills. Plug-sized sections of them froze last week, apparently in a totally mysterious fashion that wasn't my fault and boggled the workmen's senses of logic--but they haven't been able to explain it to me very well, which has naturally left me wondering if maybe the workmen are wrong and it was my fault after all and I'm some kind of involuntary hyper-skilled pipe saboteur. But of course, I went.

The "something else"...was a cake. A beautiful little pie...tart...shortcake thingy all covered with glazed strawberries that the whole office had chipped in for, with Happy Birthday and my name on it in Japanese. Kamada-kun presented it to me in a fancy box and everything.

My coworkers are sneaky. And I love 'em for it. :D


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