Feb. 18th, 2008

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This post has been long in the making, for spare and rare was the time I had to spend "researching" it. And here, at last, it is:

When I first arrived at the Uryu Board of Education, I didn't have a whole lot to do. This is standard procedure for the JET Program; apparently the mode of thinking is that we'll be less overwhelmed by our new duties if we can just chill in Japan and get used to the culture for a week or two before we're thrown to the lions, so they bring us over a few weeks before the school year starts. We get to spend those weeks puttering around our offices, examining the many amusing knick-knacks left behind by our predecessors, and figuring out how not to make our fuse boxes explode.

Among my personal crop of leftover knick-knacks were several extremely entertaining books:

-Japanese Phrases for Dummies.
-Several books of beautiful essays by past JETs.
-Complete sets of two different English textbook lines not used by the Uryu school system. (Uryu's preferred series, One World, not included.)
-Assorted Japanese dictionaries.
-A Penguin Level 2 Reader of Raymond Chandler's The Lady in the Lake, in case your second grader needs to know words like cover up, drugs, shoot, suicide, or whisky. (I kid you not. I'm severely tempted to give this thing its own mini entry one of these days.)
-And an absolutely gorgeous photography book, suitable for coffee-table display and reading, titled Ryokan: Eternal Beauty and detailing all the glories of the upscale Japanese traditional inn.

In which I gabble endlessly about my love for ryokan. )

In which I get to the point, which is Engrish. Really spectacular Engrish. :D )

God bless you, Japan. ♥


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